the path was lush and shaded it was one of my favorite places why did it have to happen there i used to love the woods now i see you in every shadow and behind every tree i can’t escape you’re always tormenting me hurting me you follow me haunting my thoughts invading my mind it happened so long ago i can’t forget hurts to think about heart pounds hands shake oh please don’t make me dig up what i buried long ago the pain the torture i can’t breathe i am sick someone anyone please make this stop i can’t talk no one can know no one can find out


What Now

Confused, frustrated

Not sure what I should do now

Where to go from here

NaPoWriMo Day 12: Campfire


I build the fire

with well seasoned pine logs

Crackling wood sounds

Make the fire sound alive

Campfire flames leap up

Aroma of burning wood

Filling the night air

The embers dance under the flaming logs

inviting contemplation. Gazing into the flames

I see beauty in the destruction.